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26/08/14 Graham Williamson X Factor cars in Association with Cleanways 2003 LTD bring to you the first ever Southern Saloon Slam! The Slam will be held at 3 tracks in the Deep South and is a way for all the saloons from the South Island to get together and put their skills up with some of the best in the South.


Starting off in Cromwell on the 1st of January, The Slam will have one of the richest prize pools ever offered for any Saloon event outside of the NZ Title in this country and promises to give both driver and spectator and element of top saloon racing in the lower south and to top it all off every driver will collect some prize money at the end of the series. The seires then moves on to Dunedin on the 10/1/2015 giving the Dunedin locals an opportunity to see soem top noptch saloon racing in their own back yard. The Series will finish up in Invercargill later in the season. With The Slam going throughout the season, it will be a test to both driver and car to front up to every meeting to be in to make a claim to the $4000,00 first place prize.\


If your a driver and are interested in entering the saloon, click below to download your entry form. Entry is only $100.00 and all proceeds from the entries goes into the prize pool. Entries are limited to just 22 cars. So get in quick.


Payment of $100 will only be accepted by electronic banking only and you must email for the account details. Don't leave this to the last minute... ACT NOW!!!!




Entries close 12 Noon 12/9/14





20/08/14 Update to upload tonight's show. Good chat to Bryan Hartley from Hartley Race engines and also to Steve Lennon - Woodford Glen Promoter.


The web site will be having a major update over the next week with the news that we have released announcing the new T.V Show starting in January 2015. Stay tuned for details on this.


Saloon Slam is coming soon. Entry forms will be available from this site within the next day or 2. Dates for this event have been confirmed. Below are the dates.


Cromwell - 1/1/2015

Dunedin - 10/1/2015

Invercargill - 14/4/14


More details to follow.




13/08/14 Update to upload tonights show.

On Wednesday the 20th of August 2014, The Pits Media NZ will be making an announcement. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our web site for developments as they become available.




6/08/14 Big show was had last night with an extra interview added in late in the piece. Sit back and enjoy a nice long show. Big thanks to all my guests.

The Pits will be making an announcement for the new season that will blow a few people away. We look forward to sharing some fantastic news with you in a few weeks time.


But for now.. enjoy the show by going to the OnDemand section.




30/7/14  Uploaded tonights show. Find out about the Southern Saloon Slam.. We catch up with 1nz Streetstock Paul Simon and talk to 492i Campbell McManaway. Head to the OnDemand section of the web site to listen.




23/7/14 It was 1 nz night on The Pits this week. Check out the OnDemand section to listen to interviews from the best in the business.




16/7/14 Uploaded the first of the 1NZ shows and Chev Taniwha. Click OnDemand to listen to these interviews. Next week we carry on with the 1NZ show and we catch up with Shane Penn, Mark Osborne, Luke Keegan and all the rest of the best of the best. Tune in Wednesday night from 6.30pm only on The Pits




9/7/14 Uploaded tonights show. Big thanks to RJ Contracting for supporting the 2nz show.




4/7/14 Speedway is full of debates this off season and another issue to have raised its ugly head is the one involving Super Saloon engine issues. There is a rule in the rule book that is going to be tidied up. The main issue seems to stem from the Ford Cornett engines which appear to have different valve angles than they should prompting people to say that they are illegal. Many arguments say that the Super Saloon engine should be able to run any modification that anyone sees fit as long as you don't go over 434 cubic inches. But then a few paragraphs down, you see it say about these valve angles. Bit silly really, so the most obvious approach would be to delete the rule. This simply means that no one has to spend any money to carry on racing. However, if they enforce the rule, then there is some people that are going to have very expensive off season rebuilds to bring it in to line with the rule. In really makes no sense to me that a SUPER Saloon is governed by rules that seem a little outdated to me. If you want rules and regulations, then wouldnt it make sense to move across to the Saloon class where there is plenty of rules. But for what ever reason, there is a group of people that dont want this rule removed from the rule book. I respect their opinions, but one would have to think very hard about their logic. Below is a email sent in to me by Ray Stewart. Perhaps this man is better at explaining it than some of the other nonsense I have heard. Send you opinion to


Proposed Rule Changes for Super Saloon’s.


Valve Angle Rule T11-1-2(b).

Delete the entire rule.

Ie valve angle open.



1/         There are so many different OEM valve angles that they will be impossible to police. I haven’t seen an angle checked for many years.

2/         The new Chev LS7 OEM valve angle is 11-13 degree so negates the old 23 deg valve angle.

            A Nissan/Toyota V6 or V8 or my FJ20, all have differing OEM valve angles but not mentioned in the rules.

            A Ford Cleveland 9 deg head on a Windsor block that runs 21 deg is actually illegal according to the rules but they are raced in this fashion.

            The Cleveland head at 9 degrees and the 23 deg Chev are miles apart but actually no difference on the track.

            A certain valve angle does not make any car a winner

3/         The recent batch of canted valve Ford cars have not won any title of note so they are not dominant.

            Lower horsepower cars have proven more beneficial and winning more races.


4/         Because there are more Chevs the vote is biased towards the Chev owners who are running 23 degree heads and believe they maybe disadvantaged.

            This would in fact be a vote by the Chev owners in favour of the Chev owners and actually excludes the rest. Mob rule.

            This is like two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.


5/         No one will be disadvantaged.

            Nothing has to change as it stands.

We will all continue to race what we currently have with the mixture of so called Ford 800 hp cars that are not winning any more races than other brands.


If the Fords become illegal then at least a dozen or more motors will need to be rebuilt at some cost, where as if the valve angle is open there is no cost to anyone.

If the rule is OEM then a Chev LS7 motor is OEM at I think 11 deg so all that would happen is we change to a LS7. I checked on this last year and was informed I could run this motor and valve angle as OEM.

There are so many different valve angles across all the different brands of motors that it will be impossible to police. Where to start and stop. My Nissan ran 7 deg valves. Dodge is 15 or 18, Chev 23 or 11, Toyota 13 etc etc and so on.

What does it matter what the valve angle is. There are 780hp Chevs, same for Ford. Some of the fastest Supers this year were 620-650hp. Grant and Steve Flynn and Fluffy showed up the big hp cars. No one car is dominant with hp.

If the valve angle was open nothing would change. I have 2 x Chev 23 deg motors and will not all of a sudden change to a different set of heads.

No one will be disadvantaged if open valve angle but if forced to change the Fords are looking at around $10,000+ or so to change. This should also include the Cleveland/Windsor arrangement.


This issue will arise again in the future so why not fix it now and make the valve angles open.

More rules mean more problems and open valve angle is one less rule to police.

The valve angle is not so easy to check on and is very seldom looked at.

The Ford Cleveland/Windsor question has been on the agenda before and passed as okay so why are we here again? I don’t think they are legit.




2/07/14 Uploaded tonight's show. Enjoy the Russell Jack Contracting 2NZ Show.




25/06/14 Update to upload The Pits New Zealand Speedway Show for tonight. Great show and am stoked with the new acoustic panelling in the studio that has improved the sound quality by another 100%. Thanks to Cando Fishing for making the investment for these. Once again, Campbell's dedication to helping me build a Speedway Show to tune in for. We will put completed photos of the studio online in our next update.




9/6/14 Its that time if the year again when we get into our 3nz then 2nz and finally the 1nz shows. Hear how these guys put it all on the line to get to the podiums in each of the grades.


The 3NZ Show is bought to you by


The 2NZ Show will be bought to you by

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Starting from this week.. Only on The Pits




15/06/14 Please be aware that copyrights do apply to anything that is put on this web site and cannot be duplicated or used in any other publication, web site or media without permission from The Pits.


Hells bells... How uncomfortable was this years Speedway New Zealand Awards. Not because of the awards themselves, but everything leading up to it.


As per last season, I had a element of excitement about heading up to the awards night and like everyone else, was proud to be nominated for a couple of categories. The day before I left to go to the awards, the phone went with some news from a very disgruntled promoter from a track telling me that the North Island had shut out the South Island from receiving any New Zealand Titles (including Grand Prix's with the exception of Cromwell who did secure the NZ Sprint Car GP), in the 2015/2016 season. The only track that seemed to have any luck was Oreti Park Speedway who only got through by the skin of their teeth after voting was tied with another North Island Speedway for the NZ Sidecar Champs. The only reason that it came south in the end was because of the extra safety measures that have been installed at Oreti. Namely the air fence.


Now, it has been a very long time since I have had anything negative to say about speedway on this site or on The Pits Show, but don't panic to much, this will continue, however, I do want to get an opinion across so that you can make up your mind if whether or not the process was fair or ethical. Lets be honest at this point and say that SNZ nor the North Island have done anything wrong under the current system, but ethical points have been raised by many.


Ok, so what's happened? Simply put, the South Island was bent over and had a very long rod shoved up it from the Deep South to the very top of the South and back down for good measure. Under the current criteria, if you want to host a NZ Championships in any grade then you have to run X amount of cars in that class at your track and there must be so many registered to the track, with out of town cars making up the numbers. They have to show up for so many meetings etc. There is other criteria but for the sake of time the couple before mentioned are the main criteria. When you meet that criteria, then you are able to apply to hold the championship for that grade. At conference on the Friday, each of the tracks have representatives that are able to vote for which track they think can host it and the one with the most votes wins. In normal circumstances this would work quite well, but this year a particular unnamed person hired out a boardroom and invited all the North Island tracks to attend a meeting to set about making sure that the North Island tracks got whatever it is they voted for. If any other North Island track were going for the same title, then they would have to drop their intentions of holding that event in favour of the other track. However, by doing so, they had the right to have another championship of their choice come to them. Then all the other North Island guys would vote in favour of what ever was discussed in the board room the night before. How was this wrong.... Simple .. there are 13 North Island tracks and only 11 South Island tracks. Can you guess how most of the voting went? That's right ... 13 to 11. What this did is shut the South Island out from getting any titles at all other than South Island Championships (for the record the North Island tracks can’t vote on these). At this point, I really want to let people know that this is within the rules as they stand but is very morally wrong to shut the South out like that. This has already caused a heap of problems with some from the south stating that if this is the way its going to be and if SNZ isn't going to do anything about it, then why bother being a part of an organisation that’s supposed to have New Zealand Speedway at heart. This organisation is Speedway NZ not Speedway North Island. Its apparent that when a New Zealand Title comes to this part of the country, we all of a sudden see surges in car numbers in that grade that secures it for a few years thereafter. But the damage of not having a NZ Title at all could see it take a few years for it to come right. Overreacting you say? That's wait and see. There has even been talk that some of the south's best drivers will not cross the water for that season. In affect, a small protest at what has happened. In all fairness a NZ Title is not a NZ Title if no one from the south goes. But we all know, there will always be some that will. What this has done is divide the sport and this should have been avoided at all costs. But, what's done is done. What these Promoters of speedway tracks fail to remember is one of the very reasons we do all this for will miss out. These are the people we call fans. When these delegates are sitting around the tables at conference trying to win titles for their track, they don't even give a rats ass about the fans in the South that will miss out.. Its all about what they can do for themselves. I would even run the gauntlet and say that they are not even in it for their own drivers. After that part of the conference was said and done it was noted at the Brentwood where everyone was staying that there was a big divide between the North and South and its representatives.


By the time I arrived to Wellington, most of the North tracks had found ways to justify their actions. A few people had said to me that the South Island has been shafting the North Island for years. A pretty bold statement I thought, so I went off to find out how true this was. To be fair, I thought if I went back 10 years that should give a good indication of how hard done by and shafted these guys would of been as they claimed. I lined up the NZ Superstock Title and how many times in the last 10 years it had been run in the South Island vs. the North Island. I found Dunedin, Christchurch and Nelson. 3 times in the South and 7 times in the North. Wow... how shafted they must have felt. Lets look at the NZ Super Saloons, 4 times in the South and 6 times in the North and as we looked through all these stats there was only one grade that has been in the South more often than the North. Yep, you guessed it...... Streetstocks. Now being a numbers man, I went about calling some promoters from some of the tracks from around both the Islands that had been to conference over those years and all said the same thing. The North Island simply just did not want them because they don't pull a crowd. I have included some information at the end of this update with some facts on how many titles have been held where over the last 15 years. (I extended it out after looking beyond 10 years). One of the tracks that got most hard done by out of most of the South Island tracks is Riverside Speedway. Did you know they have had only 1 title in the last 15 years which was the NZ Streetstock Title in the 2005 - 2006 season. Is it fair that they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring the track up to an above average standard and really worked hard to secure some sort of title to reward all the volunteers and all the many people that gave a lot to have it the way it looks now? Who's really the hard done by people here?


What can the south do about it? For me personally I don't really have a problem with what has happened. It is safe to say that South Island Speedway is on the increase and there is some top cars floating around these parts. Already we have a couple of good series that cater for some classes with the Sprint cars having the War of the Wings, Saloons with their DHL and the Super Saloons with the ELF Cup Series. These are well established events. Personally, I would add a Streetstock Series that went round the South Island as well. Why? Because people want to see them. This grade may not be big in the North Island, but down South is very different. The facts are that one of Woodford Glens biggest meetings for their season was the Streetstocks State of Origin. Streetstocks are big in Invercargill and Dunedin as well. Even Nelson can boast a big field now. But one thing is for sure, something needs to be done. At the time of writing this, there are some South Island tracks that are talking amongst themselves to see what their next move is. Its safe to say that this will be a heated and very much debated topic for quite sometime, just like it was in Wellington over the weekend.


In conclusion, let me make you all aware that the opinions expressed in this write up are only the opinions of the web master of this site and are not necessarily the opinions of any other person or track in the South Island.

Next weeks write up.... How could Te Papa get everything so wrong?


Heres a wee spreadsheet to show you just how hard done by the North Island has been.!!!


Last 15 years of NZ Championship allocation              
Year SuperStocks Stockcars Super Saloon Saloon Sprintcar Midget TQ Modified Streetstock Totals
2014-2015 Wellington Nelson Wellington Blenheim P/North Ruapuna Ruapuna Waikaraka Woodford  
2013-2014 Meeane P/North Waikaraka Stratford Cromwell W/Springs W/Springs Woodford Nelson  
2012-2013 Nelson Woodford Woodford Cromwell W/Springs Ruapuna Meeane Stratford Dunedin  
2011-2012 Huntly Rotorua Nelson Kihikihi Ruapuna Huntly Nelson Wellington Gisborne  
2010-2011 Rotorua Blenheim Meeane Wellinton Baypark W/Springs Ruapuna Waikaraka Woodford  
2009-2010 KihiKihi Wanganui Huntly Baypark Cromwell Stratford W/Springs Woodford Wellington  
2008-2009 Woodford Wellington Cromwell Huntly P/North Nelson Meeane Stratford Blenheim  
2007-2008 Wanganui Stratford Dunedin Waikaraka Baypark W/Springs Greymouth Wellington Cromwell  
2006-2007 Dunedin Waikaraka Gisborne   W/Springs Ruapuna Gisborne Waikaraka Rotorua  
2005-2006 Waikaraka Meeane Baypark   Ruapuna Kihikihi Nelson Woodford Invercargill  
2004-2005 P/North Baypark Blenheim   Baypark Stratford Wanganui Huntly Meeane  
2003-2004 Nelson Gisborne Meeane   Ruapuna Nelson Ruapuna Greymouth  Dunedin  
2002-2003 Stratford  Huntly P/North   W/Springs W/Springs W/Springs Rotorua Greymouth   
2001-2002 Gisborne P/North Woodford   Ruapuna Ruapuna Stratford Nelson Kihikihi  
2000-2001 Meeane Rotorua Wellington   W/Springs Kihikihi Meeane Stratford Waikaraka  
  North x11 North x12 North x9 North x6 North x9 North x9 North x9 North x10 North x6 81
  South x4 South x3 South x6 South x2 South x6 South x6 South x6 South x5 South x9 47





11/6/14 Uploaded tonight's show. Enjoy the Added Energy 3nz show and a preview of the SNZ Awards that are happening in Wellington this weekend.



4/6/14 The Pits New Zealand Speedway Show has been uploaded. We talk to the potential Directors that are vying for a spot on the top table at SNZ. Here what they had to say by clicking the OnDemand section.




436/14 The studio is almost nearing completion for the hardware side of things and the next move is to upgrade all the software to make the system perform a load better whilst I am away from it. New radio station software has been ordered and should be up and running within 3 weeks or so. This will allow us to run a show from anywhere in the country and will feed back into the mother ship here in Invercargill. As you all know, we are adding a Saturday night show starting from next season. Also added to The Pits Radio Show is the new phone numbers so you can ring in and talk to your favourite drivers. Call the following numbers if you have a question you want to ask our guests.


Auckland - 09-2823780

Christchurch - 03-9749042

Invercargill - 03- 9285192


Please be respectful and do not call during an interview. We are not sure how this feature will work, but could be good if we need to talk to someone else whilst we are interviewing somone.


Once again, a huge thanks to all the sponsors and in particular, the ones listed below. Its important we look after these people that have looked after us when we built the studio.


The off season is here but nothing slows down for uis at The Pits with the continued weekly show carrying on. Soon we will have our annual 1, 2 and 3nz shows coming up and have secured some interviews all over the world, including some from the World of Outlaws drivers with the help of a Kiwi connection. We also hope to catch up with Pickens, Mosen and Buckley as they have been overseas racing in the states. More info will come about this later.


We hope that Craig Phillips, the Invercargill Modified driver is ok after a spectacular crash over the weekend of Queens Birthday and Sunset Speedway Westport. They tell me that it was impressive to watch and would be the 3rd time this season that car has seen better days.





28/05/14 Excellent! It appears the new studio performed the way we wanted it to for the first ever broadcast out of it. Big thanks to all those that made it happen. In particular, I would like to thank Alf from Added Energy, Nigel and Megan from Molloy Joinery, Rebecca and Chris Burns from Flooring Xtra, Gar Wilson for the gib stopping services and Trevor Fulton from Velocitynet. without these guys, it simply would not of been possible. Also a huge thanks to our main advertiser/sponsor, Campbell McManaway from Cando Fishing.


There has been a large amount of talk about the pending trip to Australia with the Superstocks. The decision has been made to put a cut off date for this event if the required funds cannot be raised. The Promoter from Toowoomba Speedway bowl has $24000 of the $35000 they need and are now looking to get some help from other business's. if you think you can help, please do not hesitate to send us an email to We are hoping that this will be put to rest asap. This weeks radio show has a interview with Allan Woods which gives more information. Click on the OnDemand section to get this information.


We will upload some photos over the next week or 2 show the progress of the studio and will learn just how everything works.


Uploaded tonight's show.






14/5/14 Just a quick update to upload tonights show. Full update coming in later in the week.. Stay tuned.




75/14 Just a few house keeping duties around the web page over the last couple of days as we set up ready for next season. We have moved all the sponsors of The Pits to their own piece of the web site. Please make sure you visit this page and where possible, use their services so that they can continue to support us. Our platinum sponsors are now placed around the web site in our more hit areas to give them more exposure. These are the advertisers and sponsors that go over board to insure the future of our Speedway station. Once again, a hugggge thanks goes out to all the sponsors/advertisers of The Pits. We truly appreciate it.


The studio is well on the build and we are about to sand down the gib stopping. Velocity Net in Invercargill has been in and wired up our phone system and internet services in the studio and are now awaiting Added Energy, Molloy Joinery and Flooring Xtra to do there bits and pieces. Along the way, I will actually be putting some overalls on and getting out there and doing some painting. Big thanks to all that have helped with this project. Thanks also to Gary Fraser Building for his top effort in framing her up and gibbing etc. Gary Wilson, who has fronted up and done all the gib stopping. We will post some progress photos in the next couple of days.


And finally, we have uploaded tonights show... Enjoy!!!



30/4/14 Update to upload tonights show. Listen to the interview ft Ala Woods from Australia about the proposed trip to Australia for some racers. Stay tuned to the Pits for more details as they become available.

27/4/14 Weather is once again plaguing the end of the season for the Beachlands track after rained canned the Friday night show scheduled for this weekend just gone. Beachlands will now rerun this event on Friday 3rd of May and at the conclusion of the meeting, will have their annual prize giving. Sadly, Jase will be unable to attend this meeting due to commitments with Woodford Glens Annual Prize Giving.


The Pits new studio is well under construction with the wiring now complete and lining about to be finished. Jase would like to thank Gary Fraser Building and Added Energy for the contributions so far. This is very well overdue and no one is any more happier than Steph who has had to put up with a radio station in her kitchen. Without the help of the sponsors, this would not have been possible.


Once the studio is complete, we will be able to better service the Speedway community by prepping and composing new adverts directly related to speedway in a sound proof environment. New ads can be made at a moments notice radio interviews can be performed at any time making it easier for all concerned. Over the last year, Jase has managed to build up some hi tech equipment that will give both an on air suite as well as a production suite. Next season will also see the introduction of a Saturday night Speedway Show showcasing events from around New Zealand right after they have finished.


Another piece of great news is the invitation to apply for a high powered community broadcast licence will will see the station able to be broadcast on a high powered frequency giving us the same coverage as the big players. We are looking to apply for these in all major centres. Stay tuned for details.



23/4/14 The season starts to wind down this weekend with Invercargill and Dunedin running their last meetings for the season. Dunedin runs theirs first on Friday with the Otago Supers and the very popular Streetstock chain race. Invercargill run the Saturday night with good fields expected in everything and will include the Southland Champs for Supers and also the Demolition Derby. The Derbys are always very popular and good numbers are expected for this one. Beachlands is rumoured to be starting at 5pm and Riverside at 1pm Saturday.


Congrats to both Riverside and Cromwell for running some top meetings over the Easter weekend. Both were smash fests.


Also uploaded tonight' Speedway show.




17/04/14 Sometimes new toys can be a pain in the ass when they dont go right. This was the case during last nights show, when we experieinced some technical difficulties at the start of the show. Once we had those sorted, we over drove the microphone which caused a poor signal coming from me. My apologise for the audio quality of the show. We managed to get it sorted 5 mins after the show finished. Not ideal, but at least we are now ready for next week.


This weeks streams our from 2 tracks, with Invercargill running the NZ Streetstock GP and Cromwell running the last round of the War of the Wings. Details are above and both meetings are over 2 nights. Enjoy!




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