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Important information that you need to know:

The Pits radio station can be heard in many different ways. Listed below are the ways to best listen to the streams that we provide. If you are in Invercargill, then you can tune up to the 107.7fm on your radio. we are low powered FM and may not be heard in all areas. Alternately you can go to one of the following:


Mobile Phones and iPads/iPhones: go to your Playstore (if on Android) or App Store (if on apple). Search Tunein and when result comes, download it. Once open, go to the search in program and type in the pits. It will then start.

You can also go direct to the Tune In web site where you can listen no problem at all:

The 3rd way is if you have a media player on your computer. Winamp seems to be the most popular. By clicking the link below, this will just load your player only and the stream will start:





 28/1/15 What a very busy time it has been at The Pits HQ with the new TV Show up and under way. Over teh next few weeks, The Pits TV web site is being built and will have all the shows that we play on the TV being uploaded to it.


This web site will remain relatively unchanged with maybe a few things changed around to make things a bit easier when updating.


The Pits Crew would like to thank everyone for their support and this very brain draining time as we look for the perfect formula to take the TV show through the years. We also thank Cue TV for their efforts in allowing us an avenue to play our beloved sport.


This update will see the first The Pits Radio Show uploaded and features a couple of the guys who acheived over the last couple of months. We are back into the full swing of everything and look forward to sharing all the latest gossip through the 2015/ 2016 season.


See you in the next update.





14/1/15 Big update coming soon. But for now.. Check these videos out....


Just a quick sneak peak at the NZ Stockcars held in Nelson. Watch out over the next couple of weeks as we upload little snippets.

17/12/15 Uploaded the last show for the year tonight as we head off around the South Island on our quest to bring a tv show. The Pits Radio Show will be back in the middle of January and will have a full program catching up with all the meetings over the Xmas break. Enjoy the show and don't forget to check out the interview with Ricky Boulton in regards to the Superstock ruling.


Download interview with Ricky Here




15/12/14 Its been a awhile since our last update and things are progressing well here at The Pits HQ. Over the last 5 months we have rebuilt a broadcast van inside and out and had to learn what every piece of equipment did in it. We had to also train people to use this equipment in a professional manner. Its safe to say that it been a load of hard work. The budget was thrown out the door and no expense was spared on bringing the vehicle up to a top notch standard. The results.. we simply, you will have to wait to see these. And when can you do this? 7.00pm Tuesday 20th January 2015. This will be the day that Cue TV will air this event. The upside to this is that almost every household in the country will be able to watch it via Sky Channel 200 and Freeview Satellite 23. Sadly, we cannot give you coverage on Freeview HD at this time.


Over the last 2 months we have been chasing speedway to film all round the lower half of the South Island. And as most people know, we were chasing a load of rain to start with. But just 2 months in, we have managed to film 6 shows ready to be edited up for air. The first of which is done and dusted. We have shared some of the footage with the right people and are hearing good feedback about what it is we are trying to achieve. Mostly positive, but with some constructive comments added in.


Over the next week or 2, you will see a change in the web site as we gear it up for the launch to The Pits TV Show. An OnDemand service will be added for video and many more features to make navigating the site easy and affective. So sit back with us and enjoy what promises to be a good ride.


Tuesday the 20th January 2015 on Sky Channel 200m and Freeview 23 ft: The Modified Invasion at Central Motor Speedway. Support classes include: Super Saloons and Saloons.


Tuesday the 27th January 2015: DHL Speedweek Riverside




6/11/14 Its been awhile but things are hectic here at The Pits HQ. We have been and filmed to meetings with our new television broadcast truck and looks like we have got the knack pretty quickly. The meeting just gone at Central Motor Speedway will be the one that reaches TV on the 20/1/2015. Watch for the web site to change as we set it up for our OnDemand TV service due to be launched in January.


Remember, if you want to catch up on all the latest news and happenings on The Pits, then head to our Facebook page.


Also remember to check out the YouTube channel as well for the odd video we will put up.


And finally, we have uploaded the latest radio show.


There will be no radio show next week, but The Pits will be broadcasting all rounds of the DHL from Invercargill on.


See your backside trackside


5/11/14 Uploaded tonights show... Big line up of guests. Check it out by going to the OnDemand section of our web site.



29/10/14 My apologise for the lack of decent updates over the last couple of months, but it is safe to say that there has just been no time to sit in front of a computer and do updates.


As many of you now know, The Pits has been working on putting together a deal that will take our sport to the next level. Over the last couple of years, Jason from The Pits has put together a state of the art radio station and had a huge amunt of help from his good friend, Campbell McManaway. Campbell and Jase had spoken a couple of years ago about putting together a video streaming truck so that the masses could watch racing from all over the country. At the time, it was far to expensive to build a OB vehicle, so it was shelved. With the exception of Steve Daniel in Mt Manganui, there really is no one that pushing to get speedway on TV. The only station that has had a reasonable amount of Speedway on is Sommet Sports who are doing a fantastic job, but are more focusing on events that aren't in this country and is reasonably old. Over the last few months, we think we might have nailed a formula that will bring speedway to nationwide TV. In this part of the country, we are very lucky to have a local television station that has national coverage. Cue TV is a Southland based station with access on Sky channel 200 and Freeview Satellite channel 23. The only format they don't cover is UHF Freeview, which gives us around 65 - 85% coverage around New Zealand. Also over the last couple of months, we have managed to pick up a broadcast truck in need of a little bit of loving. The equipment was top notch, but the vehicle itself did need a slight make over. We are thankful to have a handful of business's that pitched in and did things for us for nothing or for very little. Campbell and myself would like to thank the following people:


Crack Repairs - Daryl Crack - A quick touch up panel and paint

Rueban Garthwaite - For helping Daryl

Chris and Rebecca Burns - Flooring Xtra Invercargill and Winton - New carpet throughout and roof relined

Nigel Molloy - Nigel Molloy Joinery - Joinery work

Lloyd Phillips - Southern Mechanical - Front seat locating and installation

Ron Goddard - Southland Tyre Centre - Sorted tyres

Pauline Hillis - TAB Sport - Helping to get me up to speed.


And in particular- Campbell McManaway - Cando Fishing - Without this guy, this would never of happened.


After all these business's helped us out, I was able to do a few things myself. Today had us finish installing new LED tail lights, new car stereo (essential for those long trips) and new LED floor lighting and roof lighting. It is safe to say that this vehicle looks nothing like it did when it came into our possession. Once again, I cant express my appreciation to all that have helped out.


We are filming the meeting on the 8th of November at Riverside Speedway and we look forward to have a top field of cars there for this event. Very shortly, we will be releasing all the dates of where we are filming and when it will go to air.


Uploaded tonights show.. See ya backsides trackside




22/10/14 Not far to the season starts and also not far to we do a huge update on the web site. Keep an eye on what it is we are up to. Also uploaded tonight's show. Head to the OnDemand section to hear the latest show.





8/10/14 Another show has been uploaded. Don't forget to go to the OnDemand section and have a listen if you couldnt listen live. Next week, we hot seat Maurice Cowling. Catch you all then.




1/10/14 Uploaded tonight's speedway show





24/09/14 Uploaded tonight's show. Head to the OnDemand section to listen.





17/9/14 Uploaded this weeks The Pits Speedway Show.




10/9/14 Uploaded tonights show. Hit the OnDemand section to listen if you missed out.


Speedway is coming to New Zealand TV!!!


Well what a busy off season it has been for Jase and The Pits Media NZ, as there was an opportunity that came up that couldn't be over looked. I would like to take some of your time to explain what it is we have been up to and hope that many of the people that read this will fully understand what this could mean for Speedway, its drivers, it tracks and an opportunity to attract more sponsors and advertisers.

In Invercargill, we have been very lucky to have a local television that covers the whole nation regardless of where you are. Over the years, Cue television have put together a state of the art OB truck (Outside Broadcast truck). The purpose of this was to record and play local club rugby live on TV for the province to watch. The OB Truck has been parked up for a little over 8 months and it was decided by Cue that it did not benefit them to have it anymore. The vehicle was offered to The Pits Media NZ. A meeting was set up and the end result is that The Pits Media NZ has now purchased the vehicle. The original intent of the vehicle was to do live video streaming from tracks in order to be able to promote the speedway, drivers and sponsors. Having spent a large amount of time trying to come up with a workable business model for live streaming, I came to the conclusion that going forward, this would not be a good thing for speedway. it was apparent that the only people that would buy a stream would be speedway people. At the same time your streaming, there could potentially be another 6-8 tracks running around New Zealand, which would have the very people you wanted to sell to, watching their local speedway at their local track. Another downside came up when we were discussing with tracks about live streaming. Many were concerned that it could potentially take bums of seats and the effects of this could be more wide spread than first thought. If the weather was not so good at the track and someone 200km decided that they don't need to take the risk because they could watch the stream live, whereas before, they would of taken that risk. Not only does the track miss out on this, but so does the coffee person, the hot dog stand and the sponsors. Another point that was made was in order to do a good live stream, you must first have good internet at both the track you are streaming from and the customer that's watching it. It has been proven over the years that this is not always going to go to plan. Even if the customer was the one with the lack of internet speed, they would still blame everyone else except for themselves and make it public. And finally, it is not introducing new sponsors, people or advertisers to speedway. So another plan had to be thought of, tested and implemented. Below is what The Pits Media NZ have done over the off season and hope that people can see the potential of what it is that has been done. We also hope that we get the support that we need to make it work.


The Plan

After buying the truck from Cue, We returned back to Cue television and asked them what the potential would be to put Speedway on the TV. They said that for an reasonable fee, we would be able to do this. We also called other television networks and all were happy to play the content we supplied at a time that suited them and for only 1 hour. But in fact it wasn't 1 full hour... it was 41 mins. The rest of the hour was made up with their ads. The hour would seem rushed and not suitable for the magazine style that we had planned. Another thing for us was to be able to play special events with an option to take on a 2-3 hour broadcast allowing the full meet to unfold. We then went back to Cue Television, and after 3 days of negotiating came out with a mutual agreement that would benefit both parties. It was decided that there would be a 2 hour weekly show starting from January 2015 and will feature 1 hour of content from the North Island and then 1 hour of content from the South Island. There is also provisions for extra time for special events. The content from the shows would be filmed by the crews but would be delayed by a week and a half to allow of editing of footage ready for broadcast. All footage would be screened by the Producer of the show to insure a professional product reaches TV. Bookings for tracks would be by way of a first in first served basis and no tracks will be discriminated against as long as they could produce at least 3 good fields of cars to insure that the show would have more than just the main event content. It was very important for us to be able to take a large amount of the cost away from the tracks. This has been achieved by buying a full 120 mins with the blessing of Cue Television to run our own ads. In a 2 hour show, we would be having a ad break every 15 mins or so and run 4-6 ads at that time. We have had a large amount of interest in the ads due to it being able to reach a national market and a hugely reduced price in comparison to national television rates.


More about this will be revealed as we get closer to the season including the format etc. Heres hoping we can make this work and we get the support we need.







3/9/14 Another show finds its way to the OnDemand service and this weeks show had some awesome interviews to listen to. Enjoy!


We will be making an announcement on The Pits website in a week and a halfs time as we give everyone the low down on what it is we are up to. Keep an eye out for that.






26/08/14 Graham Williamson X Factor cars in Association with Cleanways 2003 LTD bring to you the first ever Southern Saloon Slam! The Slam will be held at 3 tracks in the Deep South and is a way for all the saloons from the South Island to get together and put their skills up with some of the best in the South.


Starting off in Cromwell on the 1st of January, The Slam will have one of the richest prize pools ever offered for any Saloon event outside of the NZ Title in this country and promises to give both driver and spectator and element of top saloon racing in the lower south and to top it all off every driver will collect some prize money at the end of the series. The seires then moves on to Dunedin on the 10/1/2015 giving the Dunedin locals an opportunity to see soem top noptch saloon racing in their own back yard. The Series will finish up in Invercargill later in the season. With The Slam going throughout the season, it will be a test to both driver and car to front up to every meeting to be in to make a claim to the $4000,00 first place prize.\


If your a driver and are interested in entering the saloon, click below to download your entry form. Entry is only $100.00 and all proceeds from the entries goes into the prize pool. Entries are limited to just 22 cars. So get in quick.


Payment of $100 will only be accepted by electronic banking only and you must email for the account details. Don't leave this to the last minute... ACT NOW!!!!




Entries close 12 Noon 12/9/14






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